Painted Sky Ranch
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Now Accepting Lesson Clients

Painted Sky Ranch is now accepting clients for lessons in Natural Horsemanship and Gaining Respect from your horse, in everything from ground work, to round work, to horsemanship under saddle.

Our lessons are designed help you build confidence and to teach you the skills that you need to build a wonderful relationship with your horse.

We offer lessons for both kids and adults.

We can also help you to raise and train your own horse from a weanling all the way up, so that they will someday be a well-behaved, trusting and respectful, future partner.

We also offer lessons on how to breed, raise, and handle stallions and future stud prospects, so that they will become a well behaved, well adjusted stallion. We will help you learn the skills needed to handle your stallion properly, so that he will be a safe to handle and a joy to be around.

Lesson Rates:
$35 for 1 hour
$50 for 2 hours (rates apply for up to 20 miles away)
$1 per mile gas charge for locations further then 20 miles.

A Note from the Trainer: 

"I have spent my life learning and understanding horses. I have raised and trained countless horses, from the ground up, as well rehabilitating horses with behavioral issues. And now I am ready to pass my knowledge onto you. I can help you to better understand your horse, so that you will know what your horse is telling you and I will teach you how to better communicate with your horse. I can also help you to overcome your fears, so that you and your horse can have a loving, trusting and respectful relationship and a bond that will last a life time. . ."